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See what other people are saying about our Arcadia on 49th apartments! At Arcadia on 49th Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


When I read the bad reviews I thought, man they probably got booted or something because that is not how I feel at all! Christina is the most upbeat positive manager I have ever met and I've rented a lot of apartments in my day. I have a bad knee so I wasn't sure the apartment would work for me but she took me out multiple times to test out the steps and told me she would not rent me the apartment if I wasn't going to be able to enjoy it. Done. The fact that I was more important than filling an empty apartment was enough for me. The elephant in the room is the roof rats but just do a quick google search like I did and you will see that they are an issue in the arcadia neighborhood not just here. I asked Christina about it and she told me to take a look at the roof, she had a pest control guy up there doing something about the problem! I don't write reviews but after that encounter yesterday I had to say something.


This place has a very home feeling everybody is kind and MX is always there to help from the minute you you show up to the leasing center you are welcomed by very professional and helpful people Greysi Pino was such a great help and did everything in her best to accommodate! Overall great place


Greysi was very attentive and helpful




As of October 12/2012 I have lived here and Never enjoyed living in a community as much as I do Here. I s tarted out in a studio recovering from a major surgery, where I had home health care three times a week. I laid in my bed and just was in awe of the landscape and I would watch this little stray cat spiral up the Palm Tree and Roll around in the grass, and think to myself..."What a Happy Cat!" It gave me Pleasure to watch her. I was on a Wound Vac Machine. Well I talked to my therapist about her and she said she was helping me in healing without even knowing it. That January she showed up at my door and just pranced in. When I ask her what she was doing she just Mow...Then she got up on my bed and again I asked her, "What are you doing?" she just said "Mow" and went to sleep. I posted on FB...I think I was just adopted. Long story short my therapist said she was a companion cat and brings positive healing to my circumstances. God sent me Mow-Mow :) I now live in a two bedroom with a visually impaired friend/roomate and we help each other and Mow-Mow lives with us. Arcadia on 49th isn't just an Apartment Complex or Luxury Apartment Complex...We're more like a Family. We look out for each other. Kimberely Nolan, Apartment Manager does her best to make sure everything is taken care of and enforces the rules as she's expected. she has a tough job but she does it Well. I think she's Great! Anna, the assistant manager also does an excellent job seeing to it that repairs are reported and completed as well as maintaining a respectable position when bringing new tenants into our community. Sergio the Supervisor of Maintenance is The Best!!!!! He's Greatly appreciated for the time and hours he puts in helping to make our lives a lot easier. Thank You Sergio!!! Chris the assistant Maintenance Worker is working out Very Well. Welcome Chris The Holiday GET-TOGETHER'S'are ALWAYS PHENOMENAL!!!! I'm Looking Forward to Saturday the 22nd for Halloween and then our Pot Luck for Thanksgiving!!!! I feel Blessed to be a part of our Community/Family. I can say my roomate Gary feels the same:) We hope We Never have to Move Anywhere Else because....This is OUR HOME and we Love You ALL!!!!


I currently live here and have been for months. I haven't had any issues with neighbors, the office, or even matinence. Their hasn't been any bugs which I find is a huge deal. All the apartments I looked at prior had a bug issue and you never really know until you live somewhere weather their will be a bug problem or not. Luckily there isn't one here! Plus I live so close to so many stores and I even get to walk to work! So convenient


I really enjoy living here because it's close to a lot of places that include food and nightlife. However I'm only giving 4 stars because the parking situation here is not very good. The spots are extremely limited and if you're going out later at night you're risking not being able to find a spot close to where you live.


As of October 12/2012 I have lived here and Never enjoyed living in a community as much as I do Here. I s tarted out in a studio recovering from a major...


This is a nice complex to live in. Strip malls are within walking distance, the pools are a few feet from the door and always clean, and there is always parking space available in the lot. One thing that I would suggest for management to improve is the cleanliness of the parking lot (twigs, tree bark, vegetation fragments). The staff is great and helpful. The complex is built so you do not hear the noise from the street. Overall it is a nice, safe place to live.

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